Friday, November 14, 2008

QB Rankings for Week 11

Kurt Warner has been on fire of course and now has three weapons who are viable targets at wide receiver. The Seahawk's secondary is bad giving both yards (252 per game) and TDs (14) and rarely if ever picking a pass off (just 4). They do have 22 sacks, but the Cards did a good job protecting Warner last week and I think they will again. Great for Warner.

Do you even need explanations on Drew Brees anymore? Every week he throws for 300 yards. He's had more yards through nine games than any Qb in NFL history and is on pace to break Dan Marino's record for total yards (poor Dan - losing records every couple seasons and no ring to tuck under his pillow for comfort). Worried about them runnign too much? Well, Bush was just ruled out - looks like it's Air Brees again.

There is very little pass defense in Denver and Jay Cutler will have all his targets as they travel to Atlanta. Who knows what the running back situation will be and the Falcon secondary are below average and were torched by Brees last week for 416 yards and two TDs. They do get INTs (as they did three times with Brees) and Cutler has had ball protection issues. He might turn a couple over, but no run game + shaky opposing secondary + tons of weapons = top 5 start in my book.

Donovan McNabb has had an up and down season, though admitedly most of it has been up. He's faces a marginal Bengals pass defense which isn't easy to move against, btu lacks a consistent pass rush and has few turnovers or sacks. McNabb should be able to pick them apart with relative ease and have a pretty solid day for his owners this week.

Could Peyton Manning actually have a good day? Coming off a great game against a tough Steeler team, and facing a Houston secondary which has allowed 15 TDs while generating only 6 INTs and 17 sacks? I think he could. Houston has been playing better the last few games, holding down the total pass yards, but still give up TDs on a regular basis (for example, 3 last week to Baltimore). Manning should have his third good to great game in a row on his way back to Fantasy prominence.

Other Notes:
#10 Tony Romo looks to be another in the rare group of guys I think start as normal after an injury, but he may see some speed bumps on the road Sunday night in Buffalo..... #15 Phillip Rivers has too tough a matchup to get excited about..... #19 Brady Quinn still has to prove himself against a decent defense before I get too excited and the Bills get McGee back at corner...... #26 Kyle Orton might be higher if he were a healthier Qb, is a decent hail mary this week if he does but the Packers secondary isn't a pushover.....

  1. Kurt Warner, Cardinals at Seahawks
  2. Drew Brees, Saints at Chiefs
  3. Jay Cutler, Broncos at Falcons
  4. Donovan McNabb, Eagles at Bengals
  5. Peyton Manning, Colts vs. Texans
  6. Matt Ryan, Falcons vs. Broncos
  7. Tyler Thigpen, Chiefs vs. Saints
  8. Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs. Bears
  9. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers vs. Chargers
  10. Tony Romo, Cowboys at Redskins
  11. Jason Campbell, Redskins vs. Cowboys
  12. David Garrard, Jaguars vs. Titans
  13. Trent Edwards, Bills vs. Browns
  14. Jake Delhomme, Panthers vs. Lions
  15. Philip Rivers, Chargers at Steelers
  16. Shaun Hill, 49ers vs. Rams
  17. Chad Pennington, Dolphins vs. Raiders
  18. Eli Manning, Giants vs. Ravens
  19. Brady Quinn, Browns at Bills
  20. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks vs. Cardinals
  21. Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers vs. Vikings
  22. Sage Rosenfels, Texans at Colts
  23. Marc Bulger, Rams at 49ers
  24. Gus Frerotte, Vikings at Buccaneers
  25. Kerry Collins, Titans at Jaguars
  26. Kyle Orton, Bears at Packers
  27. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bengals vs. Eagles
  28. Joe Flacco, Ravens at Giants
  29. Rex Grossman, Bears at Packers
  30. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders at Dolphins
  31. Daunte Culpepper, Lions at Panthers
WRs and Rbs later today....

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