Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top Fantasy QBs of Week 11

Matt Cassel - 400 yds, 3TDs, 1 2pt conversion, 62 rushing - As has been the case in the first two Thursday night games, on of the QBs had a top Fantasy performance. Cassel started off rough but the Jets inexplicably played a very loose coverage scheme in the second half and stopped getting pressure so Cassel exploded in the secodn half. Showed great poise down the home stretch on several drives and may find himself some money on the free agency market this offseason.

Peyton Manning 320/2 - Manning seens to be rounding into form and looked very sharp against a shaky Houston secondary. He found Reggie Wayne often and hit both Marvin Harrison and Joseph Addai for touchdowns. Should have another good game against a not so stout and occasionally streaky Chargers secondary. He will be tested by Antonio Cormartie but between the questions in the secondary and the lack of pressure up front, Manning looks to keep rolling.

Shaun Hill 213/12/1 rush td - Don't expect him to repeat this against the Cowboys this week, but Hill looked good against a reeling Rams team that is more focused on imploding than stopping opposing QBs. Hill will stay the starter and as long as Gore continues his outstanding play, he will have some time to throw the ball. But Hill is a guy who will at best be an emergency fill in for your QB squad.

Kurt Warner 395/1, 1 Int, 1 fumble - Warner showed a little of what many of us sure before preseason that he would not last long at this job, turning over the ball twice against a defense that has been far from stout with only 4 INts coming into the game, although they can bring pressure and that may be what the Giants will do (not might do, will do). Warner threw for his 4th straight 300+ yards game and as I mentioned on the Thundering News Stampede, has the third longest streak in NFL history. Telle you what the Cards do, huh? Might have a hard time continuing it this week.

Kerry Collins 230/3, 1 Int - Shut down the run, as the Bears and now Jacksonville have tried and you'd better hope your secondary is up to the task of stopping Collins and who ever thought we'd write that? Game manager? The Jets have the secondary to maybe shut Collins down, but Collins has made that less an automatic. Collins has been playing better than teams seem to have been ready for and while he is not a consistent #1, he plays well enough for emergency service.

Tyler Thigpen - 235/2, 1 Int, 45 yards rushing - Continues to play very well in the Spread offense. Will the Spread go the way of the Wildcat?

Brett Favre - 258/2 -
Good Brett showed up and put together some great drives when it counts vs the Pats.

Donovan McNabb - 339/1, 3 Ints, 1 fumble -
Off game for McNabb turnoverwise and the fact that he didn't know there was only one OT and it was sudden death.

Aaron Rodgers - 227/2, 1 Int -
Rodgers continues to play well , if not totally Favre-like. Has dipped in production the last few weeks but still a good play.

Daunte Culpepper - 207/1, 1 rush TD, 2 Int, 1 fumble -
Culpepper discoverd if you throw to Calvin Johnson, he scores TDs. Go Figure. Start of abeautiful friendship? I hope so.

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