Monday, November 24, 2008

Top WR Performances for Week 12

Randy Moss 8/125/3 - Moss had one of his good games in this Jeckyl and Hyde season, helping the Pats carry past the surging Dolphins in a key matchup. When Cassel needed him Randy was there. He usually is, Cassel just doesn't always see him.

Terrell Owens 7/213/1 - HERE HE IS! That's what we've waited for. Owens had a monster day and while the quality of the opponent won't always be this low, he should stay a factor from here on out.

Isaac Bruce 8/125/1 - I love Bruce and the fact that he is still successful at his age is awesome but this is an aberration and while he may stay a decent WR3/4 or flex on occasion, you cannot trust you will see these numbers the rest of the season.

Steve Smith (CAR) 8/168 - Smith piled up the yards but couldn't find the end zone -story of his year, right? Smith is a very good WR but with just 4 TDs on the year, he still makes it hard on his owners in non-PPR play.

Anquan Boldin 11/87/1 - Boldin had a pretty godo day considering the Giants played well defensively. The Cards are for real on both sides of the ball. Also while there are plenty of targets to go to all three Wrs (Boldin, Fitz and Breaston) Boldin is the red zone guy.

Andre Johnson 10/116 - Like Steve Smith, keeps putting up good yards but cannto find the end zone. So like Steve Smith, he's somewhat of a dissappointment to many owners. Could be worse - could be like Owen Daniels owners for whom Rosenfels has been a year killer.

Wes Welker 8/120 - Welker is always a good play, especially in a PPR league, though this week he had a ton of yards to go with the catches. Always a solid WR.

Kevin Walter 7/93/1 - If you want to know where Andre Johnson's TDs go, here is one spot. Walter has had a fantastic season and has been nails as a WR3/4 which is all you ever wanted. He's been putting up points that far outwiegh his draft slot.

Laveraneus Coles 7/88/1 - You never know who The Brett will throw too which has made the Jets offense tough to figure out WR wise. Coles this week, Cotchery next, then Keller for two..... Suffice to say, I expect very few repeats for Coles, and you'll never know when anyway.

Anthony Gonzalez 6/95/1 - Gonzalez has had a huge step back compared to last year though some of that is due to the immense struggles of the rest fo the team. He's prone to games much worse than this and is a shaky start though down the road (i.e. next season) I think he will begin to emerge as a nice fantasy option.

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