Monday, November 10, 2008

Child's Play

You will notice that a banner has been placed on the top of the blog for a Charity Called Child's Play. This charity, run by a couple of webcomic artists, raises money and gifts fro kids in Childrens Hospitals all around the US.

While it was predominantly conceived by a video game comic in part to show that yes, games do care (funny how much that sounds like some of the NFL commercials I have seen), they do a tremendous amount of good. I contribute when my wallet allows and while I know well how tough these economic times are for many of us, I do encourage you to contribute any little bit you can.

I won't bore you with why this matters so much to me - as many of you are parents, uncles, aunts, what-have-you, you can guess why. But it is a worthy cause and I know the money and toys go to hospitals and kids that need it.

This runs until around Christmas, so save a few pennies and see what you can do. The banner will stay there until the charity is done for the year and links directly to the main site.

Or you can just use this link -

Thanks for your indulgence. The top 25 college game review is under this post. Enjoy.

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