Monday, November 24, 2008

Top RB Performances for Week 12

Here are the last of the top performers for week 12 - keep in mind yards for RBs are combined rec & rushing.


Michael Turner 117/4 - Turner had a stupid good day here, slicing up the Panthers on the ground. The yards are pretty good - but the 4 TDs are ridonculous. Won't happen often, but nice icing on the cake of a decent day.

Matt Forte 146/2 - Rookie what now? No rookie wall here, as Forte continues to be pretty much the best fantasy rookie period. Matchups, rookie wall, exhaustion, mediocre Qbs - nothing has stopped him and I have to think there is a good chance nothing will.

Leon Washington 84/2 - Can't do it consistently enough to warrant much more than a flex start, but Leon is definitely worth a bench spot and the Jets are starting to figure out they HAVE to get him involved.

DeAngelo Williams 130/1 - Williams continues to tear it up regardless of whether the Panthers are trailing or leading. Stewart looks to be no threat this season, as John Fox keeps to his 'vets first' mindset. Williams has earned it this year though.

Warrick Dunn 127/1 - Dunn's back loks fine, the Caddy is rusty and this offense likes to run. Don't know if this will happen often but Dunn is a workhorse even in the twilight of his career.

Thomas Jones 117/1 rec td - Oh yeah, he did this againt the Tenn D. The one all the pundits said couldn't be beat. Yeah, TJ is having a great second half and if the oline keeps rolling over the opposing Dline - he has some great matchups going forward, so it could be beautiful.

Marshawn Lynch 104/1 - 'Dis Mah Son' as Lammey affectionately calls him is getting regular carries, although considering the beat-down the Bills administered to the Chiefs, you wonder why it wasn't more.

Darren McFadden 52/2 - McFadden had a poor day for the most part, but those 2 TDs are nice. I wouldn't have started him and the performance didn't make me want him to. They need to blow this team up and then he, Russell and Miller can start over in a new country under assumed names. Next year, McFadden. You'll emerge in a better world..... maybe...

Maurice Morris 113/1 rec td - MoMo finally had a decent day but the Seahawks are a wreck and I don't have much hope for his production the rest of the way.

Kevin Faulk 105/1 - As I have said several times, Faulk is about the only consistent thing in the Pats backfield. His production was almost perfectly split - about 50/50 split between receiving and rushing. He's a decent flex who had an above average game. Still, in a pinch, he's the guy to have in this backfield.

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