Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Top Fantasy QBs for Week 9

Donavan McNabb 345yds, 2Tds, 1INT - McNabb had a solid game, and is certainly benefiting from having most of his tools back. Even a pick didn't mar an otherwise good game and he will continue to be a good start going forward.

Kurt Warner 342yds, 2TDs - As I expected, it was a shootout - unfortunately for the Rams, only one side had bullets. Warner continues to play very well and Leinart is almost not worth having on your bench save for injury protection.

Jay Cutler 307yds, 2TDs, 3INTs - The three picks make him a questionable addition to the list but cracking 300 yds and adding a pair of TDs offsets that in most leagues. And he did it with Brandon Marshall completely shut down by the Miami secondary. Eddie Royal also had a good game. Cutler will continue to have to throw because the Bronc's defense is not very good.

Jeff Garcia 339yds, 1TD, 1 2pt conv, 1INT - Nearly 400 yards through the air is a bit of a surprise considering the KC run D, but the Bucs did it both ways and as a result Garcia had an outstanding day. Again, even with the pick, his overall production (and 2 pt conversion) more than offsets it.

Peyton Manning 254yds, 2TDs,1 2pt conv - Manning continues his up and down days but looked good for the most part. I still say he finished a top 10 QB given his schedule, but honestly that's not where you thought he would be when you drafted him early. Still if the rest of the offense can continue to recover, Manning will give you more solid games than not.

The others -
Gus Frerotte 182/3/1 - The yards sucked, but 3 TDs were a boon - and he's keeping the D off AP. Good news for Peterson value in the home stretch.

Aaron Rodgers 314/1/1INT & fumble 1 int - McCarthy might be down on Rodgers red zone choices, but he continues to play well, over 300 again this week.

Dan Orlovsky 292/2/2INT - Orlovsky will now be out with a thumb injury but he was able to leave on a pretty decent note and was just starting to find Calvin Johnson more.

Joe Flacco 248/2TD - Whether you love or hate Flacco, he's starting to appear to 'get it' and had an up game this week. It was against Cleveland though.

Ryan Fitzpatrick 162/2/1 52 rush yards - Check out Mr. Harvard getting it done a bit on the ground. Is Cinci waking up? Mayeb a little. I wonder if this is more of a statement about JAX than the Bengals though.

Back with the other two positions after voting.

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