Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Since it is officially Christmas season (Rite Aid had stuff out the day after Halloween) I lead this with a Santa-like Ho-Ho-Holy Crap.

Tatum Bell has returned to the Broncos - and that tells you how bad things are in the mile High City. After the Detroit Lions/Rudi Johnson/Hamburglar shenanigans of late this summer, I figured you could stick a fork in him. Insane, is what this is.

Footballguys/Dive Block co-host Cecil Lammey is banging the phones for updates and says that - and I quote - 'If Bell is in game shape he will be the starter. This statement was followed up with a "but really, who the hell knows?"'

Who the hell knows indeed. Cecil says - and I agree - that this does not make Hillis a load of nothing. The Broncos will throw a lot, and let's face it - again as Cecil put it - Bell ain't known for his work ethic. What are the chances he 1) is in game shape or 2) lats more than a half hour?

As with any other back, and depending upon your bench depth, he's worth a hail mary spot, but I think this isn't going to end well in Denver for Bell. Who knows - he is familiar with the offense and personal and maybe - just maybe - his time off was a brutal reminder that you get out what you put in.

I really am sitting here, shaking my head though.

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