Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dead Man Walking - Kiffin OUT This Afternoon?

NFLN's Adam Shefter is reporting that the Raiders have called a news conference for this afternoon. ESPN's Chris Mortenson is reporting that Lane Kiffin will be fired there. When I return from my work out of the office today I am sure this will all be clear and make sense. Cause Mort's been right every week on this, right?

In all seriousness the writing has been o nthe wall for weeks and interviewing folks while the guy you are replacing is still there is a sign that ESPN will be proven right on this. But with Crazy Al Davis, who knows?

Somehow Al will claim 'insubordination' and not pay Kiff and I hope Kiffin sues him because Davis has been about as classy as a fifty cent hooker on this one.

Fire the man or don't but enough with making up lame lies to not have to pay him. Anyone who works for this franchise has been warned what a badly managed, run and cheap franchise it is. Good luck to the next sucker - I mean coach.

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