Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raiders Official John Herrera Gets Jumpy

I'll have a follow up post in a mintue but this is brialliant TV.

So yesterday when NFLN interrupted it's loop of the NFL Sunday postgame show for the Kiffin Raiders conference I stopped what I was doing to watch. I'll admit it - I was rubbernecking. How could I not? It was an awkward presser - Kiffin looked like he didn't expect to have been there and might not be any moment. I half expected Davis to come rocketing into frame, fist extended (and bouncing off Kiffin's chin cause let's face it, Davis isn't decking anyone) colliding with Kiffin yelling 'YOU'RE FIRED BIATCH'.

But it didn't happen and my fantasies go unfulfilled.

What happened after the cameras were off - or at least network coverage - is almist as good though.

Read here and here for accounts from writers involved and watching. But this is what Oakland has come to. Verbally assaulting (not so innocent) writers?

Tim Kawakami asked Kiff near the end of the press conference if he felt isolated in the franchise, citing the alleged memo of an ESPN article critical of Kiffin (a rumor from last week during THAT 'Kiff will be fired soon' period).

The best part? Rumor has it Herrera is the one who leaked the ESPN article Kawakami asked Kiffin about. Interesting he took such umbridge no? Anyone here a Telltale Heart?

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