Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tarvarais Jackson out - GusFrerotte IN

In a move that is a surprise but not really, Brad Childress has opted to end the Jackson experiment (for now) and named Frerotte the starter for the foreseeable future or what is better known as 'until he goes down with an injury'. Frerotte has a strong arm, cannot move worth a damn outside of the pocket and is prone to awful decisions.

All that said, he will allow the Vikes to open the playbook more and it's a bump up for the receivers (most notably Bernard Berrian, though my mancrush Sidney Rice might take a few weeks to be 100% after straining his PCL). Now if they can hold onto the ball, that would be something.

Frerotte is a start only as a bye week filler and maybe in a 2 QB league. The real question I have is - if he goes down (dare I say WHEN?) and if Jackson continues to struggle in relief - when do we see John David Booty?

And would that be a good thing?

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