Friday, September 12, 2008

RB Rankings for Week 2

I am hard pressed to find a reason to not have Peterson on top of this list. Even if Indy makes adjustments based on last week's debacle where they made Matt Forte look like a Hall of Fame RB, Peterson and that O-line will probably tear them up anyway. Add to it that Manning looks shaky and is still (as of press time) without C Jeff Saturday and it's unlikely the Colts will run away and hide, keeping AP on the bench as Jackson needs to throw. AP should have a big day. Tomlinson's toe - as I said on EXPN 1230 today - is unlikley to keep him from playing and while it could hold him back, I don't think it will. The Chargers need him carrying the ball a lot to get the offense running this week. Westbrook will face more issues with Dallas than St. Louis, but he's going to be good for plenty of points as he always is when healthy. The only thing that worries me about the guy behind him - Jacobs - is if someoen else gets hot first he could see carries drop. But the matchup is phenomenal and based on last week, he's still the man. Expect a huge day. Rounding out the top 5 will be Frank Gore - Marshawn Lynch had 76 yards on the ground, a TD and another 18 yards in receptions as well. Gore blew up last week with 96 yards and a touch on the ground and another 55 through the air. And that was with Arizona controlling the clock like Scrooge McDuck does his Money Bank. Seattle is likely to let Gore go nuts, although he probably won't repeat last week's success as Seattle will have less problems with O'Sullivan and the still formign WR core of SF than they did with Trent Edwards and Company. Still, a great matchup for a great back.

Don't expect Matt Forte to blow up against Carolina like he did against Indy. Not a terrible start, but no more than a #2 or flex. Ditto Michael Turner - althoguh if Turner succeeds against the Bucs, he's a good bet to crack my top 10 very soon. Steven Jackson has slipped a bunch in my rankings - that O-line and Bulger look horrid and while he will get his, the Giants will make his day very tough and I expect his numbers to suffer. Joe Addai is super low - I think he will rebound soon but not this week. The offense in Indy needs Saturday back and Manning needs another week to get comfortable. Minnesota played worse D than expected last week, but I think they bounce back here. Addai normally is a top 10 back and will be again, but not this week. Please note the only Denver back on this list is Selvin Young. And even that's a crapshoot - as we were reminded last week, DEN RB is a confusing befuddling enigma wrapped in a headache. You can start any one of them and you might be pleasently surprised. More likely, you'll just throw things at the screen. I have replaced Young in multiple leagues with guys like Chris Johnson (#17), Thomas Jones (#16), Jamal Lewis (#23 in a tough matchup) and even undependible Laurence Maroney (#21).

I say save the Advil and find another back.

Running backs
  1. Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs. Colts
  2. LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers at Broncos
  3. Brian Westbrook, Eagles at Cowboys
  4. Brandon Jacobs, Giants at Rams
  5. Frank Gore, 49ers at Seahawks
  6. Marion Barber, Cowboys vs. Eagles
  7. Willie Parker, Steelers at Browns
  8. Clinton Portis, Redskins vs. Saints
  9. Edgerrin James, Cardinals vs. Dolphins
  10. Marshawn Lynch, Bills at Jaguars
  11. Steven Jackson, Rams vs. Giants
  12. Ryan Grant, Packers at Lions
  13. Reggie Bush, Saints at Redskins
  14. Matt Forte, Bears at Panthers
  15. Michael Turner, Falcons at Buccaneers
  16. Thomas Jones, Jets vs. Patriots
  17. Chris Johnson, Titans at Bengals
  18. Joseph Addai, Colts at Vikings
  19. Larry Johnson, Chiefs vs. Raiders
  20. Earnest Graham, Buccaneers vs. Falcons
  21. Laurence Maroney, Patriots at Jets
  22. Julius Jones, Seahawks vs. 49ers
  23. Jamal Lewis, Browns vs. Steelers
  24. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers vs. Bears
  25. LenDale White, Titans at Bengals
  26. Jonathan Stewart, Panthers vs. Bears
  27. Justin Fargas, Raiders at Chiefs
  28. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars vs. Bills
  29. Chris Perry, Bengals vs. Titans
  30. Selvin Young, Broncos vs. Chargers
  31. Ricky Williams, Dolphins at Cardinals
  32. Chester Taylor, Vikings vs. Colts
  33. Kevin Smith, Lions vs. Packers
  34. Steve Slaton, Texans vs. Ravens
  35. Felix Jones, Cowboys vs. Eagles
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