Friday, September 12, 2008

TE Rankings Week 2

Huard will probably look at Gonzo a ton come Sunday and against a secondary that seemed gunshy about getting physical or giving tight coverage on the receivers. While the KC offense is, quite frankly, terrifying to consider as a whole with that O-line Huard is probably an upgrade over Croyle and Gonzo (as well as second year WR Dwayne Bowe) will probably be more productive. Jay Witten is a beast. I can't see any week where he isn't one of the top three on this list - mayeb even his bye week. Romo may have a down tick this week against a better D in Philly, Witten is still one of his favorite targets and he'll get his. One of the players on the wrong side of the Dallas beatdown last weekend was Kellen Winslow and despite the fact that the CLE offense imploded, Winslow got his to the tune of 47 yards and a TD. He'll be tested against a stout Pitt D, but will still get his numbers regardless of the matchup. Anderson looks for him often and whereas Braylon Edwards saw more targets, Winslow didn't have 4 drops and Anderson knows he can count on his premiere tight end. With Marques Colston down for a month and a half, Jeremy Shockey will be a huge factor in how well the Saints rebound from this huge loss. Expect them to rely on him heavily and for him to step up and frustrate the heck of the Redskins all game long. At #5, Antonio Gates might seem misplaced. But his continuing injury issues and the misfiring offense last week, I am a tad worried about how he might perform. Still, with the tough Broncos coming off a win against Oakland and sensing a shot to take a huge step forward in the division, Gates and the Charger offense know they need to produce big time. Gates will get his chances and given that, you know he'll perform.

Amongst the guys I dislike this week are #21 Todd Heap (injuries, rookie Qb, Hurricane), #22 Zack Miller (love the guy, hate the tired, misfiring, just plain bad offense) and #18 Heath Miller (too many other options and too little passing).

#25 Dante Rosario is a guy I want to point out is the last on the list - it's totally health related. I have ni idea if he will play. If he starts, move him to the middle of the list. He needs to produce a few times before I annoint him anything else than that but what I saw was pretty imrpessive. Also, #17 Kevin Boss I like but he got too few targets - that might change this week but I have to see it. And I keep pimping #16 John Carlson in Seattle - watch this week, it may be the last week he's on your free agent waiver wire.

Tight ends
  1. Tony Gonzalez, Chiefs vs. Raiders
  2. Jason Witten, Cowboys vs. Eagles
  3. Kellen Winslow, Browns vs. Steelers
  4. Jeremy Shockey, Saints at Redskins
  5. Antonio Gates, Chargers at Broncos
  6. Chris Cooley, Redskins vs. Saints
  7. L.J. Smith, Eagles at Cowboys
  8. Randy McMichael, Rams vs. Giants
  9. Vernon Davis, 49ers at Seahawks
  10. Greg Olsen, Bears at Panthers
  11. Alge Crumpler, Titans at Bengals
  12. Owen Daniels, Texans vs. Ravens
  13. Desmond Clark, Bears at Panthers
  14. Anthony Fasano, Dolphins at Cardinals
  15. Robert Royal, Bills at Jaguars
  16. John Carlson, Seahawks vs. 49ers
  17. Kevin Boss, Giants at Rams
  18. Heath Miller, Steelers at Browns
  19. Tony Scheffler, Broncos vs. Chargers
  20. Donald Lee, Packers at Lions
  21. Todd Heap, Ravens at Texans
  22. Zach Miller, Raiders at Chiefs
  23. Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars vs. Bills
  24. Dustin Keller, Jets vs. Patriots
  25. Dante Rosario, Panthers vs. Bears
Soem OSU/USC thoughts late tonight. News and notes throughout the weekend including some thoughts on the injury report from Friday.

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