Monday, September 22, 2008

Tomlinson Update - Not Much

NFLN is reporting that LT's injury is 'the same injury he had in 2003' but much worse. The feeling in Culver City (NFLN's offices) seems to be he needs a few weeks off to get up to 100%.

Now, it's early yet BUT if this is the case, the Chargers may use Sproles more heavily in the game. Assuming his hammy doesn't act up.

LT continues to be a shaky bet for tonight, while Sproles is slightly more sure. It's hard to bench LT but you may be better off doing so if you need to come from behind, especially if you need to come from behind ina big way. In all likelyhood, Tomlinson will not be a good play tonight which is no different than I have preached since last week.

Will keep you posted.

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