Friday, September 19, 2008

RB Rankings for Week 3

So to lead, let's catch up - as I reported earlier, Adrian Peterson is Questionable for Sunday and likely a Game Time Decision (cue creepy music).

Tomlinson isn't much better - in fact it's worse. Tomlinson practiced today but will likely be Questionable as well, as it was a limited practice. He reportedly looked good in individual drills during the early portion of practice. Meanwhile Chargers beat writer said on NFLN that Darren Sproles will get most of the carries Monday night - LT may only get as little as 10.

Based on that, LT is dropping tremendously in my rankings and in many cases, you will be in a spot where you have to start someone else and bench Tomlinson. I'll keep you posted but it's grim. He's very far down - for him - at 18. Sproles has leapt up to 19 - and he may be worth more. The Jets D isn't easy money but it's not exactly stout. But as I don't know how the split really will go, I'm not expecting huge numbers.

Frank Gore faces an awful Lions defense and will catch a bunch of passes as well. He should put up tremendous numbers and look like the feature back many of us have been saying he is.

Brian Westbrook faces a tough defense, but Westy will get his, both through the air and on the ground. In fact, with rookie DeSean Jackson playing as well as he is, some pressure will be taken of Westbrook and he might start finding more room to work. Despite a tough D, Westbrook will still put up his points.

The Bengals run defense is awful and Brandon Jacobs will feast upon a run defense that has allowed an average of 203 rushing yards per game, with 3 rushing scores allowed. The Titans went and ran all over them last week, compiling 177 and a TD on the ground last week. Should be a good day for Jacobs - and Bradshaw and Ward will get some love as well, though they may be riskier starts.

Marion Barber sees a defense that has allowed an average of 118 yards per game so far, though they are not surrendering touchdowns. Barber will be a huge portion of this offense though and that includes receptions. With him catching the ball well, his total points will be top notch, even if not all of them come on the ground.

Finally, Clinton Portis (after a war of words on a Washington Radio program) will take his frustration out on an Arizona defense which is ok but not great. They were beaten up by Frank Gore (108 yards, 1TD) but stifled Ricky Williams (72, 1TD). Still the pair of touchdowns feels like a good sign that Portis will see the end zone and continue his good work on the field. Washington's offense seems to be gaining steam and Portis is the engine that makes it go. And he'll have it hitting on all cylinders as the Redskins work to kill the clock and keep the vaunted Cardinal pass attack off the field.

Running backs
  1. Frank Gore, 49ers vs. Lions
  2. Brian Westbrook, Eagles vs. Steelers
  3. Brandon Jacobs, Giants vs. Bengals
  4. Marion Barber, Cowboys at Packers
  5. Clinton Portis, Redskins vs. Cardinals
  6. Marshawn Lynch, Bills vs. Raiders
  7. Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs. Panthers
  8. Steven Jackson, Rams at Seahawks
  9. Michael Turner, Falcons vs. Chiefs
  10. Chris Johnson, Titans vs. Texans
  11. Reggie Bush, Saints at Bronco
  12. Julius Jones, Seahawks vs. Rams
  13. Willie Parker, Steelers at Eagles
  14. Ernest Graham, Buccaneers at Bears
  15. Darren McFadden, Raiders at Bills
  16. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars at Colts
  17. Matt Forté, Bears vs. Buccaneers
  18. LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers vs. Jets
  19. Darren Sproles, Chargers vs. Jets
  20. Joseph Addai, Colts vs. Jaguars
  21. Edgerrin James, Cardinals at Redskins
  22. Larry Johnson, Chiefs at Falcons
  23. Thomas Jones, Jets at Chargers
  24. LenDale White, Titans vs. Texans
  25. Jamal Lewis, Browns at Ravens
  26. Ryan Grant, Packers vs. Cowboys
  27. Derrick Ward, Giants vs. Bengals
  28. Jonathan Stewart, Panthers at Vikings
  29. Fred Taylor, Jaguars at Colts
  30. Kevin Smith, Lions at 49ers
  31. Chester Taylor, Vikings vs. Panthers
  32. Chris Perry, Bengals at Giants
  33. Derrick Ward, Giants vs. Bengals
  34. Laurence Maroney, Patriots vs. Dolphins
  35. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers at Vikings

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