Tuesday, September 2, 2008

UCLA and Tennessee recap.

UCLA started the Rick Neuheisel era (with a little Norm Chow thrown in) with a huge upset over (formerly) #18 Tennessee as the Vols missed a critical kick in Overtime and capped off a Jeckal/Hyde game for the Bruins. The first half was awful, with UCLA QB Kevin Craft - an after thought for the QB job before Patrick Cowan and Ben Olsen went down with injuries.

Craft was brutal in the first half throwing picks out like they were candy on Halloween. But the second half saw a different Craft - and a different Bruin team - as they rallied and tied the game with 27 seconds left. Thing is, Tenn rallied itself and tied the game as the clock expired.

And then the Vols missed their attempt in OT, UCLA didn't and another top 25 team went down in flames.

The Bruins will have to play much better to win repeatedly in a tough Pac-10 conference. Craft cannot let opponants have those turn overs - a team like Oregon, USC or ASU will score every time with them.

But Bruin fans can hope the second half of the game was closer to what to expect from this team. If it is, the Pac-10 will be a very interesting conference to watch.

Back with NFL wrap ups later tonight.

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