Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The return of --- CEDRIC BENSON??!?!?

Have gotten a few questions about Cedric Benson and whether or not he is worth a pickup and I just wanted to remind you guys that NOTHING is confirmed yet.

Whereas a news station in Austin is saying 'Done Deal', the Detroit Free Press is saying negotiations haven't even started yet.

Benson would be an intriguing pickup for the Lions who don't seem thrilled with Rudi Johnson but also don't have a lot of quality RB depth anyway. He might be worth a spot on your bench if you aren't cutting a performer - someone who is putting some points up. I believe his upside is limited due to attitude and work ethic, but let's face it - Kevin Smith is a rookie and at some point they will want to spell him.

I have argued Smith might be better prepared for the length of the NFL season due to that huge number of carries last year at Central Florida. But the rookie is doing well, but not great (26 carries for 88 yards, 8 catches for 53 yards - and just 1 TD on the ground) and at some point they may want to chaneg things up a bit. I don't think Smith is bad - and I KNOW Benson is no long term solution - but he may get carries.

But the fact is, this has NOT happened yet. I'll let you know when I hear something different, but don't jump the gun. If your waivers need to go in today, you may hesitate and that's fine. It is unlikely Benson will be teh missing link in your Championship. The guy is bench depth, that's pretty much it.

As far as the Lions (and Rudi Johnson are concerned) at least he's not stealing stuff out of the locker room. Right Tatum?

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