Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday Injury Report Reaction

I thought this morning might be good time to take a look at some of the names on the early injury reports and consider what their presence (or lack thereof) might mean for the fantasy world.

Jeff Garcia - Did not Participate - just a reminder that he is out Week 2 and Griese is in.

Willis McGahee - Limited in Practice - McGahee is still a shaky start any time soon - as we saw Sunday, even if he's activated, he may not play. Ray Rice needs to stop running outside. Keep LeRon McClain in mind if Rice has another game in which he struggles and McGahee remains hurt.

Ahman Green - Did not Participate - Green is also out - I haven't seen if Darius Walker was activated off the practice squad, but Steve Slaton is the main back here with Chris Taylor behind him. I still say Slaton is the guy here, but Taylor will ge this shot. Bad matchup against BAL though, so both might remain on your bench.

Troy Williamson - Did not Participate - Battling thigh issue, Williamson also sees Jerry Porter back and fully participating in practice. No word on the rumor Williamson's hands have been permanantly dipped in cement.

Dante Rosario - Did not Participate - Rosario came away from the Panther win over the Chargers with a hurt foot as well as a winning TD. Might allow you to get him off waivers next week. Or you can still get him now - but keep him on your bench. Steve Smith returns and we just don't know what that will mean for Rosario. He may be the real deal, but give it anothe rgame to be sure.

Ryan Grant - Limited in Practice - Grant is still nursing his hammy and as if I needed another reason to be cautious with the use of him or reinforcement that he just didn't look himself last Monday except for the 57 yard run, Grant says he's not 100% and would have scored on that play if he had been. Aside from that run, he looked very average against the Vikes - he has a much better matchup against Detroit so I feel better running him this weekend, but don't be shocked if he has another so-so game. Brandon Jackson did not participate in practice, recovering from a concussion he got Monday night.

Dallas Clark - Did not Participate - Clark's knee is hurt though in what way is not toally clear. Keep an eye on this as a few more days of this and he won't play. Indy looked off Sunday night (clearly) and so did Clark with only one catch.

Ben Watson - Did not Participate - Once a fantasy tight end destined to break out 'any minute' Watson has yet to be healthy since Camp started. Not a good option any time soon.

Mike Nugent - Did not Participate (OUT) - The Jets kicked hurt himself against the Dolphins and Jay Feely was just hired to replace him. Yipes! The Jets have been a little underwhelmed with Nugent the last season or so. If Feely does well, maybe Nugent finds himself unemployed.

Laveranues Coles - Limited in Practice - Coles is still healing but may see more action this weekend against a Pats team which - true or not - seems ripe for the taking to much of the AFC. I want to see a full practice before I send you out with him as more than a #3 or 4.

Marques Colston - Did not Participate (OUT)- 4-6 weeks...... *sigh*

Deuce McAllister - Fully Participated - Just a reminded McAllister is still around and as much as I love Pierre Thomas, McAllister has the vet status to have a chance to earn his job back. If he does, I don't expect it to last the season, so hold Thomas.

Chris Cooley - Did not Participate - Cooley's quadricep suddenly acted up and given he has never missed a practice before, we let this one slide. He says he'll play, so I do too. But let's watch the report Friday, shall we?

Drew Bennet - Did not Participate - his foot is keeping him off the field which isn't helping the Rams any.

Donnie Avery - Limited in Practice - Avery's knee forced a limited practice for him. He should play Sunday but we'll keep you posted. With that offense and a solid Giants D, you probably want to avoid him anyway.

Brodie Croyle - Did not Participate (OUT) - Croyle will not be playing this weekend as you know, so Damon Huard will fill in for the forseeable future.

Vince Young - Did not Participate - Still trying to sort out what is going on with Young and find it odd he isn't ruled 'Out' at this point.

Ben Roethlisberger - Did not Participate - Add a knee injury to the shoulder bump and as we said on The Blurb Fantasy Football Show last night, it starts to remind you how physical Big Ben plays and that does make him an injury risk.

Hines Ward - Did not Participate - Veteran priveledge, day off. A little tired maybe but since it was on there I just wanted you to know it was nothign really. He will play.

Donte Stallworth - Did not Participate - Stallworth is rarely fully healthy and not a good option if he is this sunday.

Philadelphia did not practice on Wednesday, but Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis would not have anyway.

Miles Austin - Limited in Practice - The Cowboys need him more for depth than anythign right now, but when he comes back it will provide a measure of security.

That's all for now - News show in a couple of hours - see you then!

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