Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Wrap-Up

Some big IDP players in tonight's Giants/Skins game, as well as a great performance by newly extended Plaxico Burress and looking for a contract Brandon Jacobs.

For the Redskins, there wasn't much good - they hung around because of good play of the defense which dropped a bunch of INTs but still kept it close. But the offense was atrocious - Clinton Portis worked his tail off and the yard totals look worse than they were. Randel El will not repeat his 7/73 performance consistently enough to matter. The big question is Campbell - was the issue him or is this just growing pains and OLine issues? He's not someone you're starting, but we were watching for his 'big step' but it looks like he might not take it, jeapordizing the impact of Cooley and Portis.At least London Fletcher totaled 17 tackles in the game, though that happens when your opponents run just short of 400 plays. Seriously, the Giants need to share the ball - my kid shares better.

The Giants were a tail of 2 halves - the first half, the offense looked like it did during the Super Bowl run. The second half? Not so much. Which Manning will we see next week? All season? This is what you get with Eli - hot and cold, sometimes in the same game. Manning should have been picked off at least two more times - the Redskins D-backs have to be killing themselves right about now for those. Brandon Jacobs secured his #1 RB status on the team, but remember the hot hand thing? We'll have to see what happens week to week. Derrick Ward added 39 yards plus 21 through the air. Where was Ahmad Bradshaw? Good question. Plaxico Burress started the night signing a new contract extension, then ended it with 10 catches for 133 yards, though the TD went to Eli, who ran it in himself. I don't know which team will show up next week though. Plax will be consistent and beyond that?

I guess we'll see. First game - first set of questions.

My initial position rankings (skill positions - RB, QB, WR) will post throughout tomorrow. I have them done - it's just the old cut and paste and we're up. But I will noodle them until they post and probably change them right afterwards anyway.

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