Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday through Monday Scheduling Change

Hi folks!

Just a little heads up - this weekend will be a little odd for the Blurb. I will be traveling for a family function so the schedule for the weekend - which admittedly is always fairly loose - will be very different.

The Daily Stampede and my appearance on 1230 ESPN will go as normal. But I will try to frontload a ton of the rankings Thursday night and Friday morning as I will be traveling all Friday afternoon.

The College Top 25 review will more than likely happen very late Sunday, possibly Monday after I return. In all likelyhood, my ability to be updating prior to gametime for Sunday will also be hampered. I will do what I can for game time decisions, but unfortunately my access to internet could be very limited.

So all the college stuff will get done Monday - if I can do it at all. I will be unable to watch most of the games so I will just do my best to cover it.

Any lineup questions you have would be better served if they came to me early - before Friday afternoon. Again I just don't know how bad my access will be this weekend. I will endeavor to update as I can and return emails, but while my trip will be brief, it will be very busy as well.

Just a little heads up this morning as I begin to prepare to be gone. It was pretty unavoidable and I hope that you guys will bear with me for this. I have one other trip in October, but that will be longer and my ability to continue this work in our normal manner will be much easier.

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